Content Creation Pack

Build your visual database. 3-6-12 months’ worth of social content. Professional quality photography & video: on-point, easy to share. Of course, the content can be used to upgrade all your touchpoints like your website, social media profiles, advertisements,  and print materials like flyers and posters.

If budget allows, we aim for a combination of photo and video. Video focuses on multiple Social Shorts, ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. You can use these on your social media, website, newsletter, YouTube Ads, and even on-premise on screens.


You are not alone, every company has a problem creating enough content. Creating good content is not easy and it’s time-consuming. What often happens is that it becomes a last-minute task and photographers are brought in (often multiple times), which often results in inefficient photoshoots and content with no real purpose and less quality.


Create in Bulk, Plan Ahead

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to plan your posts months in advance. If you know how many times a week you want to post, you know how many pieces of content you need. Let’s say you want a timeline post once a week, for 6 months, you need around 26 pieces of content. With good planning and a professional crew, this can be done in one shoot day!

Example: the pool hall

Why hire an agency instead of a freelancer?

  • We get things done, on time
  • A freelance photographer or videographer is not a marketeer. The Pash team knows how to translate your brand into content that drives value and engagement
  • We have a specific process to get you the best results. We don’t show up and just start shooting. The whole shoot is planned out from start to finish
  • The deliverables have your marketing needs in mind and will be in both hi-res and specific social media formats

Example: the BURGER SHACK


  • Discovery meeting: discussing goals, possibilities, limitations, expectations
  • Brand analysis: gather brand material and brand style guide, if needed fill out a brand questionnaire
  • Assembling the right team: the photographer and/or videographer that can deliver within the brand’s style
  • Market research by Pash, best (social media) practices, mood board creation
  • Brainstorm meeting with a marketeer from Pash, the photographer or videographer, and brand stakeholders (owner, management)
  • Shot list preparation: a document with exactly which shots we need, shooting order, and production notes
  • Production planning (models, location), usually done by the client. If needed, we can arrange those elements of the production
  • Shoot day(s) with minimum 2-person crew: photographer + production assistant (styling, lights planning)
  • Professional editing
  • Deliverables: hi-res and social media format and proportions + story-database

Example: the burrito place

Examples of social shorts